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It’s about much more than a toothbrush.

With TIO, we want to show the world that pollution is not a necessity. In fact a sustainable redesign of something – like a toothbrush – that is being used by billions of people every day can be a beautiful thing. And it makes a huge difference. Think of the tons of waste we could save and how much better it is for our planet to use natural materials. Yeah, we are talking to you, marketleading dental brands who only care about maximizing profit. There is a better way. If us two guys from TIO with our cheeky grins can do it, so could you.

We invite everybody to join our little movement by using TIO. It thoroughly cleans your teeth while feeling great. It’s the perfect travel mate. Kids love it. And it has won some pretty cool design awards – in case you care about that kind of thing.

This is only the beginning of our journey. We hope that you enjoy using TIO and that it ensures we never hear the sentence "Don’t pollute you idiot, that is why there are no men in Themyscira."

We are happy you found us.

Those guys on the photo, in the beautiful white garments, that’s actually us – the founders of TIO. We try to not take ourselves too seriously. But be assured that we do take sustainable products and making a change in the world through our design very seriously. On the left you see Fabian Ghoshal, who has several years of experience in product development and product design and among many other things has developed sustainable food packaging made from leaves in the past. Benjamin Beck on the right has worked for several international creative agencies in the field of product design, communication and branding.

Our experience in working with many brands – large dental cared companies among them – has shown us that very few are honestly trying to be sustainable. Instead of waiting we have started our own company to truly make a difference. After first meeting during college, our career paths have lead us back together and to the shared vision that is TIO. We have many more ideas for upcoming products and since our Berlin office is full of toothbrushes the possibility of brushing our teeth together – like in the picture – is not pure fiction. Thank you for trusting us. We work hard to make sure you can feel great about the way you brush your teeth in the future.