Save the World, twice a Day

TIO is a complete rethinking of the everydays toothbrush combining the best elements of design, oral care and sustainability.

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So much more than a standard Toothbrush

Improved Carbon Footprint

Entirely made of plants – from bristles to handle – ensuring a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Healthy Teeth

Based on the findings of current clinical studies, our bristle profile facilitates optimal dental care.

Saves Resources

Recyclable packaging, reusable handle – our conscious approach allows us to save valuable resources.

Fairly Produced

Our Germany-based manufacturing facilities allow us to ensure fair working conditions and shorter transport routes.

Practicable Design for the every Day Use

Optimal Performance

The TIO toothbrush comes with a thin and slightly angled brush head for an improved accessibility. Its end-rounded filaments ensure a proper cleaning whilst protecting your gums in a gentle way.

Thoughtful Usability

Our patented plug in system is precisely engineered and offers an intuitive interaction. In comparison to ordinary replacement head toothbrushes, the parting line is placed outside the mouth area for an improved hygiene.

Valuable Ergonomic

The elegant handle is perfectly balanced and provides a high-quality haptic experience. The unique surface structure supported by a clear grip zone lets us avoid the use of harmful softeners.

Turn on your brightest smile

Using a well designed toothbrush is indispensable for healthy teeth, but to be honest it‘s only half the story. That’s why we’ve taken research further than just developing a product. Based on the insight we’ve gained through the cooperation with Prof. Zimmer, Dean of the Dentisrty at University Witten Herdecke, we’ve come up with the ultimate cleaning guide which explains all the important things on brushing your teeth in a playful way.

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