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Tiomatik | TIO replacement brush heads for electric toothbrushes | Artikelnummer: v 1


As an avid user of electric toothbrushes you can finally switch to the sustainable side of dental care without compromises.

Our Tiomatik replacement brush heads come in a handy double-pack and are distinguishable by two different icons to avoid mixing them up.

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7,90 €


Due to it‘s user-friendly handling, rotating electric toothbrushes remove in average more plaque in less time - compared to manual toothbrushes. Further they reduce gum inflammation in an ideal way.

  • The rotating bristle plate ensures a strong plaque-removing efficacy.
  • The small sized brush head ensures an optimal navigation in the mouth even let‘s you reach the farthest corner of your mouth.
  • The rounded tips guarantee the right polishment, yet are gentle to your gums.


Instead of producing our very own electronic toothbrush, we‘ve designed a bio based brush head that works with the oscillating/rotating electric toothbrush models from Oral–B®. This approach makes us save precious resources while letting you reuse your current toothbrush - but now in green.

*Works with the following electric toothbrush models of Oral–B®: Pro, Trizone, ProfessionalCare®, ProfessionalCare® Smart Series, Healthy Clean®, Vitality®, Pro-Health®, Oral-B Triumph®, AdvancePower.

Oral–B®, ProfessionalCare®, Vitality®, Healthy Clean®, Pro-Health®, Oral-B Triumph® are registered trademarks of the Procter & Gamble Business Services Canada Company.


The bristle plate and the main body are made of a plant based bio polymer (compostable acc. to EN 13432). The Source material of the bristels is castor oil, extruded to bio nylon. Furthermore our Tiomatik comes in a FSC® certified cardboard pack.

Just the axis in the inside is made of a fossil based engineering grade plastic which is necessary due to it‘s extremely high stress. This makes about 10% of the whole product.

We wouldn't be TIO if we didn’t already look into improved opportunities here...